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March 16, 2009


Praveen Chawla

This is one of the best explanation of SAAS / cloud computing I have seen to date.


Very well done.

Joan Leonard

Bob: Thanks for a great piece of information! I even printed it out for future reference.

Bob Moul

Thanks Joan! (and Praveen and Koistnn)


Very Precise and To the Point
Thanks Bob


Well explained, thank you.

SaaS Solutions

Cloud resources can be accessed as SaaS, Cloud uses SaaS model where as enterprise for providing SaaS solutions does it use cloud resources??? I am bit confused, to me it seems both are interdependent.


this is a terrible post. You describe the difference between SaaS and ASP software models, not SaaS and cloud.

Bob Moul

SaaS Solutions: they certainly can be interrelated but they are not interdependent. At a minimum, you don't need SaaS to deliver IaaS and you can stand up a SaaS application without using a public cloud service such as AWS. In the two and half years since I wrote this post, I think most people would agree that SaaS has not been "subsumed" by the cloud and in fact it is projected to dwarf both IaaS and PaaS in terms of market size.

Bob Moul

Asad: I believe I cover both.

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